Hong Kong

Like Singapore, Hong Kong is a modern city with hordes of people. The traffic and hustle and bustle were what anyone would see in New York or Miami. We hit all the potentially interesting sites -- the Buddhist temple, flower market, bird market, Star Ferry, and peak tram -- none of which were as quaint, entertaining, or interesting as others we'd seen elsewhere along the voyage. Don't worry, we aren't getting jaded from all our worldly travels, it's just that the flower market was like going to JD Florist or Bachman's, the bird market was a pet shop gone foul with fowl, and the rest were simple big city features.

Our fancy dinner was at Vong's, a Chinese restaurant with locations in New York, San Francisco . . . A student of Dean's is a Hotel Management major who is intrigued with Dean's interest in pastries. He invited us to join him for dinner, to this restaurant (the one in NY) at which he had one of the best dining experiences of his life. The meal was nice, but the most fun part of the evening was a tour of the kitchen with the head chef. With two hotel management majors in the group, it was quite educational what questions were asked and how these were answered. Greek to Dean, but still entertaining.

Later that night we road the historic tram up the hills behind Hong Kong. The view, just above the tallest buildings of the city, was spectacular! In this skyline photo of Hong Kong, you can see the hills behind the city, and can imagine what a sight it was.

The next morning we headed out early for a ferry ride to mainland China and our flight to Yunnan Province.

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