Put another notch in our country/continent belt. South Africa? Been there, done that! And boy was it awesome. As this sign indicates, we were where the wild things are -- we were in the Kalahari Desert and that northern part of S. Africa that forms part of the Kgalagadi Transnational Park with Botswana. And we saw nearly every animal there was to see. A photo of Patti's new kitty friend can be found within. After the Kalahari and a quick spin through grape and raisin country, we enjoyed the Cape south of Cape Town, visiting the penguins and baboons along the way. We even managed to get in a visit with a fellow fellow from DC!

Patti and Dean

More thoughts on South Africa

South Africa's mammal populations includes the biggest (the African elephant), the smallest (the pygmy shrew), the tallest (the giraffe) and the fastest (the cheetah).

To find out more about South Africa go to the Lonely Planet website.

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